BMA silicone prostheses are made of high quality silicone rubber from Wacker®, that meet the high requirements of medical industry. The prostheses are physiologically safe, biocompatible and heat resistant.

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Breast Prostheses

Silicone breasts Cup A, SKU 110, size: Cup A, about 660g, ...

Sales price: 77,01 €

Natural silicon nipples

The natural-looking BMA nipples, molded from a real female ...

Sales price: 14,62 €

Breast Prostheses Cup B

Silicone breasts Cup B, SKU 120, size: Cup B, about 1080g, ...

Sales price: 77,01 €

Breast Prostheses Cup C

Silicone breasts Cup C, SKU 130, size: Cup C, about 1240g, ...

Sales price: 77,01 €

Breast Prostheses Cup D

Silicon breasts Cup D, SKU 140, size: Cup D, about 2000g, ...

Sales price: 93,58 €

Breast Prostheses Bra

Bra with inserted silicone prostheses for optimal wearing ...

Sales price: 134,95 €


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